Dear David,

We’ve finally made the move across country, unpacked most of the boxes, rearranged the furniture a few times, and are now ready to enjoy our new home. We couldn’t have done it without you.

As you know, I was very definite, (okay, picky) about the changes I wanted to the house, and the quality of work I expected. Bruce (husband) gave me free reign over the purchase and total renovation of our new home, and wanted me to have my dream house. Well, I got it! My modern look and style is very different from what one would find in the average Greensboro home, but you took the assignment and delivered. You weren’t afraid to try something new, find the appropriate vendors, or adjust as necessary. You didn’t try to change my design or concept just so the job would be easier. Any suggestions you made stayed right in line with what I was trying to accomplish. For example, when I was concerned about regulating the air temperature between the up and down stairs areas of the house, you gave me several possible solutions, each with it’s own price range, and allowed me to choose from there. Also, you understood my need for straight lines and symmetry, and made it happen. Sometimes, I think you’re even more particular than me.

Because this was a “long distance” project for me, and a large one at that, one of my requirements in choosing a contractor was their communication skills. I needed someone who didn’t mind working over the phone and email, and would stick to a realistic schedule so things were ready for me to inspect and make any necessary choices when I did come to town. That being said, I never once felt we were out of touch or that I didn’t know exactly what was happening with my new home. Your on-going photo album of the project on Facebook allowed me to follow along with the process, from demolition to finishing touches, and to share with my family and friends. It worked out perfectly.

We’ve heard from our neighbors how courteous, clean, quiet and respectful you are while working on the job site. This being a 35-40 year old townhouse community, many of the other residents have undergone some sort of renovation (nothing as extensive as ours), and numerous construction crews have been through here over the years. From what we’ve been told, Builders MD tops them all in both efficiency and work ethics.

I interviewed nine (yes, nine) different contractors, and couldn’t have made a better choice. You listened, communicated, respected deadlines, saved us money when possible, demanded quality, and were a positive addition to the process. You made our total renovation an enjoyable event.

Please feel free to give our number to anyone looking for a reference.