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 Step 1:

Determine your price range. Building a house can be expensive, so make sure you are getting the most out of your budget. Things to consider are how much land do you want, what kind of square footage are you looking to build, and what area do you want to live in.  These things can affect greatly how much you new home will cost you.

Step 2:

Find the Perfect spot to call home.  The greensboro area offers many vacant lots to choose from and with its proximity to many malls, lively downtown streets, and parks you are sure to find what you want in a living area.  If you like quieter locations there are many surrounding areas to choose from; Burlington, Oak Ridge, High point, all of which are growing fast!

Step 3:

Pick from a variety of floor plans. This can be difficult considering there are so many different types of houses to choose from.  Our highly specialized design team can make the process easier.  Dont be afraid to ask for help when choosing your floor plan.  And remember this is only a starting point, Here at BuildersMD we rarely build the house just the way it shows, many modifications are made to make the house truly a Home.

Step 4:

Make the necessary modifications.  What walls do you want to move? Take a window out? put on in? Want a bigger kitchen? These are all things to consider once your plan is chosen.  Things like making the living room a lofted room to open the space up more.  Its all up to you and how you would like to change the house.

Step 5:

Finally the Last step before the house begins to take shape.  Meet with our Interior Design Team to make those final last minute changes.  Wall colors, trim styles, all the trimmings of your very own home.

When you are ready to start the process feel free to email us here

Here is an examples of a floor plan drawn by our design team