Builders MD was founded in May of 2007 .  David Flanders , with a degree in Construction Technology and Business Management from Applalachian State University, decided to start the business in order to have an impact in the lives of clients and in the broader communities in which they work.   David grew up around the construction business, working summers and during his college career in the many facets of residential and commercial building.  Rather than going to work for another large builder, he desired to own the company in order to control the quality of the product being built.  He didn’t just want to perform a job for compensation, but wanted direct contact with the customer so he could understand the customer’s passion about their project and then build that into the dream of each person for whom he worked.

Builders MD is a full service custom home building company working in Greensboro, NC, and the surrounding suburbs. We specialize in caring uniquely for each of our customers and their home or business as we work through the building process together.

Our goal is to become your life-long contractor by meeting all your building needs with care that exceeds your expectations.

At Builders MD we strive to go above and beyond the homeowners’ expectations by meeting their needs and wants, and by turning their project into a secure investment.  We work with an open book on our projects letting customers understand their project, by informing them of their broken down prices and scheduling.

One unique thing about Builders MD is that homeowners get to know them more than most builders because they are on the job site most every day. David has a wide range of skills that allow him to do much of the hands-on labor himself.  Homeowners feel comfortable with this because they know that their project is being looked over by the contractor most  everyday.